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Women are 2/3 More Likely to Suffer Vision Loss -Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month Highlights Unique Eye Care Needs

Did you know women are 2/3 more likely than men to experience vision loss? In addition to experiencing and increased incidence for vision problems, women are at greater risk for unique health issues related to hormone levels, which can fluctuate throughout pregnancy and menopause. Women have a higher prevalence of major eye diseases, such as: […]

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Medical Optometry America Launches New Practice Location in Newtown Square, PA with Dr. Christopher J. Kuc, FAAO as Medical Director

New Medically Focused Optometric Brand Poised for Additional Growth in 2022 February 15, 2022 Blue Bell, PA – Medical Optometry America (MOA), the first national Optometric brand focused exclusively on primary medical eye care, recently announced its next practice location will open in March 2022 at 3475 West Chester Pike in Newtown Square, PA. One […]

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Taking on the Silent Thief of Sight – Glaucoma Awareness Month

A silent thief may be lurking in your eyes, threatening to rob you of your sight! Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness in the U.S.  It is a symptomless disease that often goes undetected until it is too late to prevent vision loss. Of the estimated 3 million Americans living with glaucoma, more than […]

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It’s Finally Here! New Eye Drop Helps Patients Ditch Their Reading Glasses

“Life changing”“Truly amazing”“I literally can’t believe my eyes!” These are just some of the reactions from MOA patients to a new eye drop, called VUITY, that is designed to eliminate the need for reading glasses for people with age-related farsightedness. The drop received final FDA approval in October 2021. MOA is one of the first […]

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Itchy Eyes and Crusty Lids? It could be Demodex

Many Americans are unaware of a startling fact: right now, there are likely several thousand microscopic mites living on your face. The tiny pests, called demodex, live in the pores of the skin and are most active during the night when they feed on oil produced by glands and skin cells around the eyes. While nearly […]

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