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Why Medical Optometry America?

  • State of the Art Medical Eye Care – At Medical Optometry America, we focus on providing Medical Eye Care in order to evaluate and treat the health and wellbeing of your eyes.
  • Personal, Caring Touch – With our medical approach you will receive the personal, caring touch of a primary care doctor!
  • Cutting Edge Technology – all locations are equipped with top of line technology used to diagnose and treat medical eye health problems
  • Care Network Communication – As part of your care network, Medical Optometry America doctors will be in communication with your primary care physicians and other specialists to share the results of your examination and treatment plan
  • Experienced Team – Our team of medically-focused eye doctors are highly trained experts who are considered thought-leaders in the field of Optometry
  • Emergency Eye Care – Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our team is on call 7 days a week for any eye care emergencies

Medical Eye Care vs Routine Vision Care

In the United States, most optometry practices offer the simple service of routine vision correction through the application of glasses and contacts. However, at Medical Optometry America, we understand that the importance of an eye exam goes well beyond vision correction and that the greatest threats to healthy vision are the numerous forms of eye disease, many of which do not present with symptoms early on.

As a result, we prioritize comprehensive, state of the art medical eye care. The Medical Optometry America Annual Eye Physical is a first-of-its-kind comprehensive medical eye exam that not only addresses eye-related health, but also addresses potential medical problems that can be detected by a thorough examination of the eye.

Most patients are aware that both an annual physical and an annual dental cleaning are essential to their overall health and wellness. However, annual medical eye physicals are equally essential.

Our Team of Experienced Doctors


Leslie E. O’Dell, OD, FAAO

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