MOA Welcomes Dr. Marie Homa-Palladino

and Personal Eyes Patients

Beginning June 20th, Dr. Marie will see patients at the MOA Newtown Square office, conveniently located just six miles from Personal Eyes.

“With this partnership, I will be working with a long-time colleague of mine, Dr. Christopher Kuc. This change will allow me to concentrate on what I love — caring for patients and in particular, focusing on myopia control. In fact, I will be developing a Myopia Management Center of Excellence to take our treatment methods to the next level!”

Dr. Marie

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Personal Eyes Patients will Now Have Access To:

  • An incredible suite of equipment that will enhance the level and specificity of the testing we provide
  • Better diagnostic capabilities
  • Far more advanced treatment options for conditions such as Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Disease
  • All the same personalized care and family atmosphere our patients have come to expect!

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