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COVID Safety Measures

State of the Art COVID Safety Measures

All Medical Optometry America locations are fully equipped with the following state of the art technology and protocols in order to keep patients and doctors safe from COVID exposure:

Only patients may enter the office for an appointment. Spouses, friends caregivers and parents may need to wait outside. They can assist patients to the front door and hand-off the patient to our technicians.

All doctors and staff will complete a temperature check at the start of every shift. In addition, patients will receive a temperature check immediately upon arrival. If the patient does have a fever they will be asked to leave the office and reschedule their appointment.

Patients will check in over the phone upon arrival from the parking lot. Once sanitation of the exam room is complete, patients will be called in for their appointment.

If patients are required to wait for any reason during their appointment, they will be socially distanced from other patients by utilizing multiple waiting areas.

All doctors and staff will be using N-95 masks and face shields. All patients will be required to wear a mask upon entry. If the patient does not have a mask, they will be provided one at the door. In addition, the office will feature plexiglass dividers at the front desk to limit exposure.

All equipment and exam rooms will be fully sanitized immediately following a patient exam. Therefore, all patients can be assured that all equipment, exam chairs, etc have been sanitized prior to their examination.

Air filtration devices will be installed in every room at each location

Medical Optometry America will offer multiple sanitation stations. Some free standing and others will be mounted to walls. Our team will also be sanitizing all high touch areas and common places in between each patient visit.

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