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Careers at Medical Optometry America

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At MOA, our most valuable resource is our team members. We strive to create an environment where smart, talented, and motivated people can thrive and grow their careers as well as have a meaningful impact on our business. As a rapidly growing company we are always looking for people who demonstrate the following qualities:

Outside-the-box thinking – Our company continues to evolve and innovate in the nutriceutical and healthcare space. We have done so by finding team members who can find creative solutions to challenging problems.

Ability to adapt – Working at MOA can be very different week-to-week or even day-to-day. We want team members who can think on their feet and adjust to new directives as needed.

Dedicated to quality – In everything we do we strive to be the best. MOA is looking for team members who are also driven to continuously improve and take pride in their work.

Why work for MOA?

Our products are recommended by thousands of doctors across the US. It took passion and dedication from our team members to get us here. We understand we must reward team members competitively which is why we devote resources to developing and advancing their careers. Joining our team means you will:

  • Work on challenging projects that will shape the future of the company and nutriceutical industry.
  • Grow your skill-set through working with our talented team members and with the help of our experienced management team.
  • Be fully trained on nutrition and the nutriceutical industry and stay up-to-date on changing trends.
  • Receive great benefits including Medical, Dental, Life Insurance, 401(k), and much more!
  • Be part of a growing, dynamic, entrepreneurial environment!

Available Positions


Specialty Care Services

Diabetes puts your eyes at risk of diabetic eye disease. Without an early diagnosis and the appropriate treatment, this condition can result in permanent blindness.

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Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness around the world. Through digital retinal imaging and comprehensive testing, we can detect this condition and work to preserve your vision.

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The symptoms of dry eye are irritating and disruptive. We can diagnose your unique case and provide the most effective treatment for your needs.

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Glaucoma often develops without any noticeable symptoms. Thorough testing can catch glaucoma early enough to protect your vision through treatment.

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As your eyes change due to age, your lenses become cloudy, developing cataracts. Medical Optometry America doctors can determine when it’s time to increase your prescription and when you may want to consider surgery.

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