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Cataract Treatment Options [From Glasses to Surgery]

Comparison of woman on the left with cataracts, and woman on the right with no cataracts

Depending on their severity, cataracts can have a drastic effect on your vision and quality of life. If your symptoms are not severe, you may be able to simply use prescription eyeglasses to clear up your vision. As cataracts develop and become a greater obstacle to seeing clearly, the only option to truly gain back […]

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How is Glaucoma Diagnosed? The Most Common Glaucoma Tests

Older woman having her eye test with her optometrist

Glaucoma can cause significant damage to your eyes. You may not even show any symptoms until your vision is affected, so how do you diagnose this disease? A comprehensive eye exam can determine any problems you may have, and several tests may occur throughout your appointment. If you have an eye exam soon, learn more […]

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Diabetic Eye Exams: What to Expect & Why They’re Important

There’s No Sugar-Coating the Effect Diabetes Has on Your Eyes If you have diabetes, you’re likely no stranger to the ways it can affect your entire system. Proper management of your disease requires a close and honest relationship with your healthcare team, including your optometrist.  No matter the type of diabetes you have, you’re at […]

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Is Dry Eye Becoming More Common?

Have you ever felt a stinging, burning, or scratching sensation in your eyes? Experiencing these symptoms, especially persistently, justifies a visit to your optometrist. Red, painful eyes can seem insignificant, but they’re symptoms of dry eye disease.  Dry eye disease seems to be more prevalent than ever with millions of Americans experiencing symptoms, but what […]

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Optometrist vs. Ophthalmologist: Which Eye Doctor Should You See?

There Are Different Types of Eye Doctors If you’ve ever booked an eye exam, needed eye surgery, or had an eye infection, you’ve likely noticed there are different kinds of eye doctors to choose from. From optometrists to ophthalmologists, you may be confused about who you should see and when.  What’s the difference between an optometrist and an […]

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